Sr. Systems Engineer


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Programming and support of world class systems, as well as diverse projects such as factory automation, distributed programming, knowledge management and machine learning systems.  Recently, applied to design optimization methods in  Electronic Design Automation. Have automated factory supply chain, tactical navigation systems and ‘process design kit’ validation.




o       M.S.E.E., University of Arizona. 2004, Focus on A.I., Expert Systems and Knowledge Management

o       B.S.C.S., Indiana University. 1994, Focus on A.I., Neural Nets, Parallel Computation. Honors curriculum.




o       Perl/Tk,  ie – a 12,000+ line distributed Intelligent regression management system (paper)

o       Microsoft C,  ie a 10,000+ line distributed communications scripting system for 2500 users (proj)

o       Parallel C++,  ie a Parallel Genetic Algorithm for solving Load Distribution and balancing (source)

o       Scheme, ie A co-evolutionary genetic algorithm for evolving adaptive Turing machines,  (GA)

o       Lisp:  ie A Dempster-Schaeffer Theory of Evidence Circuit Fault Analysis (lsp)

o       Cadence Skill:  ie a Psuedo Production System for Design Migration, Various utilities

o       UNIX csh/sed/awk, ie, various numerous scripts to automate simple tasks

o       Java 2+, ie,  A Java based IC Layout system with OO devices, nets and routing (JLE)

o       CORBA, ie A Distributed Design Environment (paper)

o       COBOL, ie a Distibuted Remote Data Terminal Communications Control System for GE  (ALMS)

o       Informix-SQL, various ‘TPR’s to interact with an massive Naval Weapons Depot database

o       Pascal, ie. A distributed airline scheduling system (academic)

o       BASIC:  ie Naval GPS Navigation, Planning and Prediction System (Secret)

o       Prolog: Some use in tandem with UCPOP (Partial Order Planner)




Texas Instruments Dallas: Sr. Design Automation Eng. ( 1994-2009)


o       Programmed in Skill an ElectroMigration Calculator utility for Bosch GmbH. 

o       Programmed in Skill an Front-End for Thermal Analysis Calculator.  Extracts layout data, creates inputs for Therm tool.

o       Programmed in Skill an DB migration utility (Skill GUI + DB analysis ).  Checks DB integrity, facilitates migration ordering.

o       Programmed in Skill an Schematic Area Estimation & Placement Utility.  Enables early cost-estimates and floor-planning in-situ.

o       Programming and Implementation of Signal Integrity and Parasitic Analysis tools and methods:  Ensuring the accuracy and robustness of parasitic extraction and back-annotation.  Defining the S.I. flows/tools.

o       Programming and ownership of Process Design Kits (Integrated Design Environments for Circuit Design)

o       Programming (12000+ line Perl/Tk) of Regression Management Studio

o       Managed software development cycle for all above: Study, Plan, Design, World-Wide Test, Implement and Support.

o       Programming in Perl/CGI, Java/CORBA of a design flow automation system.

o       Lead: Simulation Efficiency (500+ customers):  World-Wide champion of advanced simulation methods, simulation data management, and integration of analysis tools.

o       Work with systems and network administration on tool integration, compute, network operating-systems, auxiliary tools and design environment architecture requirements. 

o       Served as Project Lead and  mentor to a team of senior engineers in development of a front to back Design Kit.

o       Developed comprehensive strategic plan targeting design speedup, streamlining opportunities, and growth paths. 

o       Developed forecasting and analysis system for design projects needs on process, tools and EDA resources.

o       Coordinated and directed contractors, schedules, resources, contacts, deliverables.  


Sr. Systems Engineer, Computer Data Systems Inc., Rt. 1 Box 620, Crane, IN 47522.  1990-1994


o       Lead/Principle programmer (Microsoft C) of a distributed communications system with a scripting language and internal protocol drivers for asynchronous RS232, V2 and TCP/IP for use by 2500+ people on a Hughes System 2000 Broadband WAN.

o       Systems Analysis of Distributed Database.  Graph-theoretic analysis and optimization of data-base protocols.  Lead to complete overhaul.

o       COBOL programming in a SQL environment with TCL.

o       Secret Clearance


Systems Engineer, International Computer Services, (ICS), Bloomington, IN.   1988- 1990


o       Developed a COBOL distributed-computing network protocol conversion system on Micro-VAX s to support the wireless links for field operated Mobile Data Terminals to communicate with a centralized DB system.

o       Co-developed and implemented COBOL based a plant-wide assembly line unit tracking system for the GE-Bloomington refrigerator factory using laser scanners, motion detectors etc.   System improved the efficiency of materials delivery and unit tracking enormously.  Enabled JIT material delivery, as well as supply-chain production planning.

o       Secret Clearance


First Class Operations Specialist, U.S.N. and USNR, Indianapolis.  1983- 1995 (12 Years)


o       Systems Administration, Programming and operation of integrated tactical and logistic systems. 

o       Enhanced Ship s Relative-Motion Navigation system with Closest-Point-Of-Approach prediction and contingency routing scenario development. (BASIC & some trigonometry)

o       Developed Combat Theatre Simulated game scenarios.  Received accommodation thereof.

o       Recommended for Chief Petty Officer … missed due to downsizing post Cold-War

o       Secret clearance, D.I.S.


Lost River High School,  Junior-Senior ’1981-1983

      Taught Commodore 64 Basic programming to students (self-taught, wrote full ‘Space Invaders’)

      Captain of Football Team.  Lost only in State Championships.





MSEE Thesis: PDK QC, RCX, Error Propagation

VLSI Design (C620 - IU )

Artificial Intel. I & II 
(Indiana )

VLSI & Robotics (C622 Indiana)

BlackJack Dealer

Neural Computation 
(Q550 - Indiana)

Parallel Computation 
(C690 - Indiana)

VLSI Verification 
(C690c Indiana)

Computer Networks (ECE578 UofA)

Computer Architectures
(Indiana )

Genetic Algorithms 
(C690b - IU)

Digital Design I & II
(ECE 470/1 Indiana)

Machine Learning (C665 Indiana)

Comp Aid. Logic Design (ECE574a – UofA '97)

AI - Production Systems
(ECE579 UofA)

(CORBA) Integrated Telecommunications Networks (ECE678)

Physical Design Automation VLSI (ECE672 UofA)








Travel:  Have visited over 20 countries, having engaged in Humanitarian/Good-Will missions in most

Soccer:  Have been a  Striker  for numerous teams in leagues.  Played in 10+ countries.

Chess:   Love it as much for the mental challenge as for the history and AI computational intrigue

Quantum Consciousness, NN s and Hard AI:  Follower of the Kurweil Singularity